Saturday, September 27, 2008

And I'm back!

A little pic heavy...

Heelllooooo.... how's everyone doing? I hope better than I am right now. I'm just back from beautiful Montreal where not only did I manage to sucessfully blend work and vacation, but I also managed to catch a cold. I didn't realize that I was sick... well, I was wheezing a bit but I wasn't sneezing or coughing or any of that other fun stuff (yet) so I just thought it was because it was so very cold there! Those crazy (and I mean that in a nice way LOL!) people were saying the weather was nice! Most days I was there fluctuated between 13-14 degrees!! The day I left was 8 degrees (well my flight was 6 a.m. so that might explain it. But one night it dipped to 4 degrees. I was under a fleece blanket AND a comforter and was very comfortable. It could be that cold air or the guy that was squashed in the middle seat on the plane ride back that had infected sinuses... he was snorting and inhaling phelgm to the point I wanted to go ask if there was anything I could do to help land the plane asap.

So now this entire week I've been under the weather... aches and pains, blocked EVERYTHING, throat was initially scratchy, that sort of stuff. But now I'm just blocked and am able somewhat to interact with the rest of the population without falling on my face. The only fun thing about this is that once and again I can laugh like Mutley (y'all know who he is right? Google old cartoons + mutley)!

So, what did I do In Montreal? There was training for three days and then a little shopping and sight seeing, happily interspersed with dinner with some great people at some wonderful restuarants! I was happily spoiled. The only downer was that I wish my hubby was able to make this trip with me and enjoy everything right along with me!

Ok, here are a few pics:

The Mayor's Office:

I love the architecture of Old Montreal - simply beautiful!

Deciding where to go next:

See me rockin' my Adamas? Well that's the last time you'll see it in this form. I, uh, felted it when doing the laundry... how did I miss that big purple thing????

There are many more pics of Old Montreal but I haven't transferred them from my email and the others I sent to my hubby's blackberry to my harddrive so until then, these are the few I can share for now!

Colette from ravelry was so SO kind to me and on my first day out of the office, she met up with me and took me to Mouline and Ariandne's (thanks for helping me with the pronounciation! LOL!)where I managed to score me some loverly yarn. It wasn't the intended haul as I threatened in one of my last posts because time was kinda short (I had to meet someone to get back to where I was staying) and didn't get to Effiloche! Well, I don't mind too too much... I should leave something for my next visit ; ) So here's the yarn I got my hands on:

Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Botecilli Red:

A shawl for me.

Handmaiden Casbah:

Sockies for me!

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock:

These are for sockies for the kids. I get to try the 2 socks at a time book!(Did I mention that I bought this along with Knitting Lingerie Style?)

Rowan Kidsilk Night:

I bought this to make the GORGEOUS Bird's Eye Shawl by my new friend Colette, but only bought two skeins.... I need three :( I had just settled down yesterday after meeting an assignment deadline and was about to cast on when I double checked that I had enough yarn and I don't. Well, this gives me a great excuse to get more yarn next month! Maybe an early Christmas gift to myself. (GAH!!! Did I just say Christmas????)

Tanis Fiber Arts:

These are for a pair of socks for my hubby. The yardage is excellent for his big feet!

Here's the yarn soak I bought. I can't tell you how they smell cause I'm totally blocked right now... but I remember them smelling great in the store!

Stitch Markers:

Patterns and Books:

A lovely thoughtful gift from Colette:

Bird's Eye Shawl

Field of Flowers

EZ's Knitting Workshop and Rowan's Bamboo Tape Collection

I'm very happy with what I was able to snag. Colette, next time I'll listen better to instructions so that we could start earlier! LOL!

Ok, before I go, here are a few pics of my kitchen efforts this evening.

Cake (don't mind how it looks - it tastes great! Since I don't have my nifty wall oven yet, I have to make do with a convection oven which works great but for browning the top of everything a little too quickly. And being too small...

Traditional Barbadian Plain Cake:

The best way to eat said traditional cake - with a cold glass of mauby! (Don't mind those sad looking bananas there - today they are over ripe, tomorrow they will be banana bread!)

And my first attempt at bagels (or was this my second? First in this house for sure) The dough came out great, but the poaching and baking not so great. They don't look smooth and nice like the ones in the store or the site that I got the recipe from but they taste ok (if only a tad bit too salty. We'll see how they shape up overnight) The inside is very nice but they aren't as I thought they would come out. Ah well, next time!

So that's it for me for now. I am still working on my course and getting assignments done and keeping on top of things. I'm feeling kinda guilty being on here so long but I'll make up! Right after I watch my new fave show Me.n!!! I hope everyone is doing good. There are a few of you who haven't updated your sites and some of you had some bad news lately. (((HUGS))) to all of you especially those who need them most.

Off for now. Have a great night and we'll catch up later.


ColetteS said...

Wow, that was quite a bit of shopping considering how much time we had. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I must have been tired because I didn't even notice that the KidSilk has less yardage than the Superior. Sorry about that.


urbanknitrix said...


You really scored!! I hope you feel better.