Monday, May 26, 2008

It's that time of the year...

Just a quick question for you all... has anyone figured out how to add more hours to the day and require less sleep simultaneously? If you have, stop being an information hog and SHARE! I am indeed swamped - up the the eyeballs in stuff to do. The biggest thing on my plate right now is my upcoming exam. It's even more challenging than the last one if you can imagine (well, you might be able to imagine it if you're doing the same course that I am...)
Anyways, if you remember any of my previous posts that talk about exams you would remember that in order to keep myself from tearing my hair out in frustration, I knit to take the edge off. In that spirit, I'm pleased to announce that I've finished Adamas! Yes, and she's beautiful even in her rumply unblocked state. It feels sooooo good to finish it. I was beginning to doubt it would end! And you know what? I don't have any pics to show you as yet but I will soon. Also, I've FINALLY received my knitpicks order. I think I mentioned it sometime - some gloss sock yarn that I hoped to get before the second round of the Sock Penthalon started (guess that didn't happen), the Best of Interweave Knits book and a pair of knitpicks harmony needles. Between the company that deals with my shipments and customs held these items for almost a month and had the nerve to charge me USD$29 on top of it!!!!! GRRRRRRR!!! I'll post those pics as well as soon as they are taken.

Ok, unfortunately that's as much time as I've allowed myself to be on the pc for non-studying purposes. I hope everyone is keeping well and churning out those FO's like nobody's business!


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Scheherazaad said...

Congratulations on finishing. I hope to see the photos posted soon. It is the end of the school year for me too but I'm the teacher, so I have to create the exams and mark them. The worst part of this job. Good luck with your studies.