Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let the madness begin...

Any American Idol fans out there? (Sigh) the first episode of season seven showed tonight. Same ol' same ol'. I'm not sure if I read somewhere that there is a twist of some sort for this season. *yawn*. I have this love-hate relationship with AI. The same silly for tv "singing" gets old for me after about the first two or three episodes but I still watch anyways. I'm one of those people who can't stand to see when someone is getting embarrased so I spend alot of time with my hands in front of my eyes and my thumbs in my ears. I predict lots of sob stories and heartfelt auditions where "good" people are given a chance at stardom. I get drawn in and get committed to the show only to be disappointed and swear never to watch again when people like Mandisa, Paris and Chris Daughtry get booted from the show and people like Sanjaya get chance upon chance. See my problem?

In knitting news, I am making progress on my DSL - it's still eating skeins of yarn for lunch with no end in sight. This DSL is a tricky one. I'm telling you - the other day after knitting every free minute on it, I lined it up against the front portion and estimated another six plus inches to go. Yay! I thought. Tonight, after knitting on this thing for a few days, I'm still about six inches away from matching the front to the back. ARGHHHH! I'm also knitting a pair of simple toe up socks on two needles with my Regia yarn in crazy colour colourway. I have a sneaky suspicion that these might be too big for me. My feet are about a size 7.5 in regular and 8.5 in sneakers and this socky is swallowing my foot whole, and since I like snug sockies, these are now a designated gift. Which reminds me - I haven't mailed the scarf and mitten set as yet! Must get on that pronto. Adamas is lounging in my knitting basket just waiting for me to pick it back up again.

Also, I've finally listened to all of the knitpicks podcasts. I will tell you the truth, I wan't sure if I liked this podcast at first as I had been exposed to Brenda Dayne for far too long LOL and Kelley's style was a little too "scripted". But Kelley grew on me and I couldn't get enough. I downloaded the episodes and they kept me company at work. Kelley's style and her passion for knitting is infectious and now I look forward to hearing her and Xena every Friday.

Non-knitting news - It's election day here in Barbados. Wow, that time has really flown. Ours is a simple process as compared to the head scratching process that's US prolitics (I just don't understand how it works). The good thing about this election is that I may have a day off tomorrow if a particular party wins or Friday if the other party wins. It betters be tomorrow 'cause I already get Fridays off!

Anyways people, I am veray sleepy. Hopefully I will have some pics of my wips soon!



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Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Happy to hear that you're almost done with your DSL. I think we are all hoping that American Idol will have either less drama or a new twist. Who knows. P.S. Added you to my blog list !!!